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Press releases about the UTP-100P project

Here there are some posts from the official website of Universidad Tecnologica de Panama about the ventilator (UTP-100P) project: Ventiladores por Panamá-UTP UTP en la presentación de Avances del Proyecto:...

Panama Hitek in the newspaper La Prensa (16/5/2014)

Today I am very happy to be able to share with you an article published on Friday, May 16, 2014, in the newspaper La Prensa by Luis Guillermo Martínez ([email protected]).   Here is...

Scientific Gala, UTP 2020

The Scientific Gala is an annual event that recognizes the research work of researchers at the Technological University of Panama. In this version of the event I was given an Honorific...

UTP-100P Project in En Segundos

While we were participating in the utp-100p project we appeared in an interview in the digital newspaper En Segundos. Here you can find the link with the article: Presentan el UTP-100P, un...

Electricity subsidy adds up to $ 1,638 million in 10 years

This is an article where I was consulted about Panamanian Electric Market. The whole note can be found in this link: Subsidio a la electricidad suma $1,638 millones en 10 años Here I...

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