The Scientific Gala is an annual event that recognizes the research work of researchers at the Technological University of Panama. Every year this event is broadcasted in Youtube and in SerTV, a national TV channel here in Panama. In the 2020 version I was given an Honorific Mention in the event because of my scientific production during 2019. In 2021 I went further and got a nomination for the main category, the Researcher of the Year Award.

Again, as in 2020, I am the only person on that list without a master’s or Ph.D. Therefore, the only one with the prefix “Ing.” (engineer). I am also the younger person un that list and the only under 30 years old (I am 29 years old). I should also point out that I am not officially a professor or researcher, but a “research assistant”.

The recording of the event can be found in Youtube:

Here I have some pictures related to the event:

Nomination to “Investigador del Año”, Researcher of the Year

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