Professional Profile: Antony García González

Personal information

  • Born
    • July 30th, 1992 (age 29). Chitré, Herrera, Panamá.
  • Education
    • Universidad Tecnologica de Panama. Electromechanical Engineer (2016).
  • Occupation
    • Research Assistant at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama (2014-present)
    • Part time professor at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama (2016-present)
    • Electrical Power Systems consultant (2018-present).
    • Educational content creator at (2013-present)

Professional Associations

  • IEEE Member (COMSON and PES)
  • APANAC Member (Panamanian Association for the Advancement of Science)


  1. Digital platform for Teaching Programming Using Panamanian History and Contexts. Head Investigator: Antony Garcia. Co-Investigators: Kiara Navarro, Monica Mora, Alexis Hevia, Luis Moreno. Project duration: 2016-2018. Granted amount: B/. 30,000. Financig entity: SENACYT.
  2. Development of the atomization and image processing system for an unmanned hovercraft to be used in agricultural applications. Head Investigador: Dr. Deyka Garcia. Co-Investigators: Dr. Marcelo Coronado, Dr. Ronald Barazarte, Dr. Abdiel Pino, Antony Garcia. Project duration: 2017-2022. Granted amount: B/. 50,000. Financig entity: SENACYT.
  3. Design and implementation of systems based in ICT for aids in the mobility of people with visual disabilities in interiors to promote their social inclusion (MOVIDIS-II). Head Investigador: Dr. Hector Montes. Co-Investigators: Dr. Yessica Saez, Jose Munoz, Dr. Ignacio Chang, Guelda Carballeda, Rafael Vejarano, Antony Garcia. Project duration: 2018-2021. Granted amount: B/. 99,914.93. Financig entity: SENACYT.
  4. Static Reactive Power Compensator Based on Gyrator Theory (G-SVC). Head Investigator: Antony Garcia. Co-Investigators: Dr. Ronald Barazarte. Project duration: 2019-2021. Granted amount: B/. 20,000. Financig entity: SENACYT.
  5. Design and Implementation of Low-Cost Mechanical Ventilators in Response to a Pandemic Caused by Covid-19. Head investigator: Dr. Alejandro Von-Chong. Co-Investigators: Dr. Hector Poveda, Dr. Fernando Merchan, Dr. Humberto Rodriguez, Dr. Edwin De Roux, Dr. Nacari Marin, Dr. Danilo Caceres, Dr. Rony Caballero, Ernesto Ibarra, Hector Vergara, Victor Costella, Ricardo Gutierrez, Antony Garcia. Project duration: 2020-2021. Granted amount: B/. 145,000. Financig entity: SENACYT.
  6. Dynamic modeling of the Medical-Hospital System in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic in Panama as a Monitoring system. Head Investigator: Dr. Ignacio Chang. Co-Investigators: Dr. Juan Castillo, Dr. Humberto Álvarez, Dr. Orlando Aguilar, Dr. Víctor López, Antony Garcia. Project duration: 2021-2022. Granted amount: B/. 80,250.00. Financig entity: SENACYT.
  7. Implementation of assistive technology tools to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities (RETINA). Head Investigator: Hector Montes. Co-Investigator: Dr. Ignacio Chang, Dr. Yessica Saez, Dr. Edwin Collado, Rafael Vejarano, Guelda Carballeda, Antony Garcia. Project duration: 2021-2023. Granted amount: B/. 200,000.00. Financig entity: SENACYT.

Scientific publications

  1. Meléndez, E., Isaza-González, J., Castillo, J., González, R., Chang, ignacio, & García, A. (2022). Gestión de riesgos de desastres municipal basado en las TIC: Caso de estudio PanamáI+D Tecnológico18(1) [Download].
  2. Collado, E., Valdés, E., García, A. and Sáez, Y., 2021. Design and implementation of a low-cost IoT-based agroclimatic monitoring system for greenhouses. AIMS Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 5(4), pp.251-283 [Download].
  3. A. Von Chong, A. Garcia, E. De Obaldia, N. Marin, E. Ibarra, J. Grossmann, J. Trujillo and R. Gittens. Low-cost, rapidly deployable emergency mechanical ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic in a developing country: Comparing development feasibility between bag-valve and positive airway pressure designs. 2021 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC), 2021 [Download].
  4. Sáez, Y., Montes, H., Garcia, A., Muñoz, J., Collado, E., & Mendoza, R. (2021). Indoor Navigation Technologies Based on RFID Systems to Assist Visually Impaired People: A Review and a Proposal. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 19(8), 1286–1298 [Download].
  5. Garcia, D., Coronado, M. and Garcia, A., 2020. Dynamics modeling and control of a quadrotor subjected to a variable load. Robots in Human Life, pp.105-112 [Download].
  6. Chang, I., García, A. and García, E., 2020. Design of an Inclusive Early Warning System. Case of Basin of Pacora River, Panama. Advances in Automation and Robotics Research, pp.224-235.
  7. Montes, H., Chang, I., Carballeda, G., Munoz, J., Saez, Y., Vejarano, R. and Garcia, A., 2019. Conceptual Design of Technological Systems for the Mobility of Visual Impairment People in Indoor Buildings. 2019 7th International Engineering, Sciences and Technology Conference (IESTEC) [Download].
  8. Garcia, D., Coronado, M. and Garcia, A., 2019. Improvements in direct Lyapunov stabilization of underactuated mechanical systems by means of the solvability of the first matching condition. Synergy of Automation, IoT & AI [Download].
  9. Sáez, Y., Muñoz, J., Canto, F., García, A. and Montes, H., 2019. Assisting Visually Impaired People in the Public Transport System through RF-Communication and Embedded Systems †. Sensors, 19(6), p.1282 [Download].
  10. H. Montes, I. Chang, G. Carballeda, J. Muñoz, A. Garcia, R. Vejarano+, et al., “Design of a system to support the mobility of visually impaired people“, In Memorias de Congresos UTP, pp. 37-44, 2018 [Download].
  11. García, A., Sáez, Y., Muñoz, J., Chang, I. and Franceschi, H., 2018. Utilización de la Comunicación por Radiofrecuencia para la Detección de Vehículos en Movimiento: Revisión del Estado del Arte. KnE Engineering, 3(1), p.821 [Download].
  12. Garcia Gonzalez, A., Saez, Y. and Chang, I., 2017. Interfaz para la adquisición de datos en tiempo real basado en un datalogger de nivel de agua de efecto capacitivo. Proceedings of the 15th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology: “Global Partnership for Development and Engineering Education” [Download].
  13. Montes, H.; Chang, I.; Carballeda, G.; Muñoz, J.; García, A.; Vejarano, R.; Armada, M. MOVIDIS: First steps toward help the mobility of people with visual disability in Panama. In Proceedings of the Open Conference on Future Trends in Robotics (Robocity 16), Madrid, Spain, 26–27 May 2016; pp. 209–218 [Download].

Honors and Awards

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