Shiba Inu burnt token tracker


This is a Shiba Inu burnt token tracker. In this post you can find the updated Shiba Inu circulating supply according to Etherscan. This value is updated a couple of times every day. Here in Panama Hitek we created a script that checks this information every 8 hours and save the results in a database.

At this moment, the circulating supply of Shiba Inu is 589,391,673,493,260 SHIB. Today a total of 482,000,132 SHIB have been burned. Yesterday a total of 375,460,272 SHIB were burned. The current market cap is $5,040,179,970.60.

At this rate it will take 1,568,388 days (or 4,297 years) for the Shiba Inu circulating supply to be lowered to a level where the price can reach $0.01 . A circulating supply of 504,017,997,060 SHIB would be needed for that to happen, so 588,867,396,814,071 SHIB should be burned.

This projection can change with variations in the market cap and the token burning rate, so by tomorrow we will have different numbers. In the mean time, here you have the token burning rate in the last couple of days.

Date Circulating Supply Burnt Tokens
2022-11-25 589,371,414,811,131 482,000,132
2022-11-18 589,371,896,811,263 375,460,272
2022-11-14 589,372,272,271,535 107,943,893
2022-11-12 589,372,380,215,428 186,212,621
2022-11-08 589,372,566,428,049 1,000,000
2022-11-07 589,372,567,428,049 142,438,298
2022-11-04 589,372,709,866,347 28,345,867
2022-11-01 589,372,738,212,214 100,393,451
2022-10-30 589,372,838,605,665 279,444,560
2022-10-16 589,373,118,050,225 5,265,784

In this link you can read my personal opinion on the chances of Shiba Inu reaching $ 0.01 and turning us all into millionaires in the process. If you have any comments or recommendations, you can reach me through the comment box.


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